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Dryer vent cleaner improves the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of your dryer installation. The dryer vent generally becomes filled with lint, dirt and debris. As a result, the drying time increases and could potentially cause the dryer to overheat as well as creating higher energy charges. Additionally, if your dryer vent is not cleaned regularly, the dryer may malfunction and ultimately require you to repair the dryer or purchase a new one.

Preventing accumulation of lint, dirt and debris within the dryer exhaust system, will ensure that your dryer will function top notch. When the dryer vent accumulates lint, dirt and debris, it prevents the escape of air and moisture from the dryer leaving your clothes wet and/or damp. We use the latest power vacuum technology as well as a variety of the latest equipment to thoroughly clean your dryer system to perfection.
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Dryer Vent Before Cleaning Whenever you use your dryer, lint will get collected near the exhaust vent; this lint collection will eventually lead to blocking the air vent. The exhaust vent clogged with the dry lint can catch fire easily. The hot air emitted when the dryer is running. Dryer Vent After Cleaning
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During the cleaning process, registers and diffusers are removed, then cleaned and sanitized. Removing the built-up dirt and debris can also improve the air flow, helping your system perform more efficiently. Cleaner indoor air starts with good filtration. Filters should be changed every 3 months. Fire damages more than the burned areas you can see. Soot and smoke can damage furniture, documents, the ventilation system, electronics and equipment. By responding 24 hours a day, can begin cleaning and restoration services immediately, to help return your business to normal.
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